Sunday 8 August 2010

Photo Competition - Gary & Sara's Wedding, Newick Park

Gary & Sara’s wedding took place on another hot and sunny day! The wedding took place at the beautiful Newick Park Hotel & Country Estate, Sussex. As part of the celebrations, I ran a photo competition for some of the guests. Katie and Sarah teamed up, as did Tom and Dexter but Ollie and Sophie both worked on there own. Each were given cameras and the challenge was to photograph something to do with the day.

The standard was extremely high and there were some very interesting ideas. All the images can be viewed in Gary & Sara's Gallery.

The Competition Winners are Katie & Sarah!

Congratulations! They will each receive one of their photographs framed, a book on photography and some other goodies.

Katie & Sarah's Photograph 1 - A great photograph. I love the low and interesting angle.

Katie & Sarah's Photograph 2 - Another great photograph. Beautiful use of natural lighting with the coolness from the widow light and the warmth of the flames.

Katie & Sarah's Photograph 3 - Another lovely photograph. Great use of the shape and structure of the stairs with the models pose. Someone looks at the fashion magazines!

Highly Commended Photographs

Ollie's Photograph - Great Composition in this photograph, with the tree being placed lower down.

Sophie's Photograph - A great concept and well photographed. I love the shallow depth of field with only the glass and ‘Love Hearts’ being in focus.

Tom & Dexter's Photograph - A lovely, thoughtful image. Would have worked well with the bride & Groom. Great Work.

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