Thursday 23 September 2010

The Face of Letchworth Competition

Nearly 200 people entered the recent 'Face of Letchworth' competition for their chance to become the new face of the town.

I had my work cut out to keep up with the demand from all the entrants. We have had an amazing response and it has been really difficult to short list the competitors for phase two.

Photos from the event have been uploaded to and all profits from the sale of these photographs will be going to charity.

The short list is being uploaded to The Comet newspapers website. and will be appearing in this weeks Comet Newspaper.

Two competitors who have not made it through to the second round are Grizelda and Mona Hardup, the less than attractive sisters of Cinderella. Grizelda and Mona will soon be starring in 'Cinderella' at Plinston Hall.

I think this is call trying to influence the photographer!!