Sunday 29 August 2010

Gary & Denise’s Wedding, East Mersea Hall

Gary & Denise’s wedding took place on a beautiful hot and sunny day! The day started with breakfast and champagne at the Art Café. The wedding took place at the beautiful East Mersea Hall, Essex. Gary, Denise and myself left the reception for a short while to take some beautiful images at the beach. It certainly caused a stir.

As part of the celebrations, I ran a photo competition for some of the guests. I had a huge response with fourteen children wanting to take part. Each group were given cameras and the challenge was to photograph something to do with the day.

The standard was extremely high and there were some very interesting ideas. All the images can be viewed in Gary & Denise's Gallery.

The Competition Winners are Jade & Keiya!

Congratulations! They will each receive one of their photographs framed, a book on photography and some other goodies.

They won for taking some great photographs and also for there interest and time spent asking me questions and learning about photography.

I am thinking of asking Keiya to work for me as my assistant. Especially for her skills in organising groups and posing - Just ask Gary & Denise!!! (Although they might be too scared to answer!).

Jade & Keiya's Photograph 1 - A beautiful photograph. I love the angle and just the hands of the Gary & Denise. Love the guests blurring in the background.

Jade & Keiya's Photograph 2 - A truly stunning photograph. I have to say that, its me! In fact its the best one taken of me in a long while.

Jade & Keiya's Photograph 3 - A lovely natural photograph. Great use of flash with no red-eye.

Highly Commended Photographs

Jodie, Emilia & Gans certainly must be congratulated for their interesting take and use of angles when photographing.

Jodie, Emilia & Gans' Photograph 1 - Great action shot. Love the composition and angle. Great work from the model - must have hurt on landing! Love the dedication!

Jodie, Emilia & Gans' Photograph 2 - Very difficult to hold the camera and get it in focus too! Love the lighting and colour in this photograph.

Tom, Matthew & Joe's Photograph - A great photograph. Love the light from the DJ's desk and the flare from the disco lights. The silhouette of the person on the dance floor adds to the photograph.

Robs, Oly & Euan's Photograph - A beautiful photograph. Great colour and composition. Love the fly on the petal.

Anna & Emily's Photograph - A great photograph. I love the beautiful backlighting, whilst still keeping the light on the face even. Great use of angles - it makes it look like your are pushing the bushes apart.

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