Monday 23 August 2010

Photo Competition - Ben & Helen's Wedding, Princess Helena College

As part of the celebrations, I ran a photo competition for the bridesmaids Emily, Esme, Isabella and Maya. Each were given cameras and the challenge was to photograph something to do with the day. All of the girls took the competition very seriously and were photographing all evening.

At times it was like having the paparazzi there!!

The standard was so high, that it has been nearly impossible to judge. All the images can be viewed in Ben & Helen's Gallery.

The Competition Winners is Esme!

Congratulations! Esme will receive one of her photographs framed, a book on photography and some other goodies.

Esme's Photograph 1 - A beautiful photograph. I love the beautiful expressions you have captured from the guests. Great exposure.

Esme's Photograph 2 - A great photograph. Unusual, I love the composition with the tongs leading the eye into the image.

Highly Commended Photographs

Emily's Photograph 1 - A beautiful photograph. A true reportage image, capturing a natural moment. Love the contrast of colours.

Isabella's Photograph 1 - A beautiful photograph. A perfectly exposed and composed image. Become a flower photographer!

Maya's Photograph 1 - A beautiful photograph. A very difficult subject to photograph and keep looking natural. A perfectly balanced image.

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